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A flawless, yet shy girl. A Radia is sexy in the inside, but hella shy on the outside, and she is very awkward too. She has a sweetheart, and her body is petite. She can eat 50 pizza's and not grow a pound. Radia is perfection, she is also insecure, really adorable and loving. She thinks of other people, before her self. Radia's are also sarcastic and fragile at the same time. Radia's like to be hidden, and not show a lot of attention. On the outside it looks like she reads books for a living, but she loves to party. She is very wild and crazy and would do anything and everything for a little party. There are not many Radias. Radia has no fear of booty-calling , Radia also has an amazing sense of music and styling. And if you hurt her family, friends or loved ones, she will stab out 56 times with her kitchen knife repeatedly.
-Woah, she is so cute, yet shy. Shes Such a Radia!
-Damn! You're so sarcastic, you're a Radia!
-Oh my fucking god. You are adorable. Like a Radia.
-Lets have a party, you party like Radia
by Aussie_Nugget June 12, 2014
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Audiowarez crew that rocked the world and released thousands of progz till it got too notorious and was disbanded. Famous the world over with old school Computer Musicians for freeing up the tools of music production to the masses.
That cubase crack that Radium has just released is completely stable. And the intro with the face of Steinberg's CEO was unbelievable.
by yeah righ December 21, 2003
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A notorius element in the Periodic Table of Elements known for its radioactivity and role in early radiotherapy. Was first discovered by Marie Curie at the dawn of the 20th century. Though killed by her dangerous endeavor to discover radium by chronic radiation exposure, radium has served to save many cancer patients's lives.
PatientIn1901: Good god this radium patch burns! At least it's better than dying of skin carcinoma...

DoctorBehindLeadShieldOverMicrophone: Just relax. After several months, your cancer should be in remission.
by BeerChuggin'German December 31, 2009
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Radia is a satisfied; content person. Funny, cool, and most kickass aweosme friend. She cares for animals especially dogs. She dislikes critism and bosiness. She can be very sarcastic and sometime mean. Although her priorities shift, her heart ends up in the right place. Nevertheless Radia's are cool.

Something of a tomboy, sheΒ΄d much rather climb trees than play with dolls. She is sometime very rude and unkind to people. She hates being told what to do and will stand up for herself no matter what.

She ain't gonna take shit from no one. She won't let you down and will not leave you alone woth hardships.
by SpookyChocolate247 June 07, 2014
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fat, mentally unstable, physically repulsive serial sexual harasser.
Optimistic by nature, the typical radium will always believe he is one spittle laden offensive remark away from getting laid. Countless rejections, often violent in nature will not diminish a radium's resolve to have any physical interaction whatsoever with a female, in order to embellish it into a story. When reality sets in, a radium can become clinically depressed, as might be expected for a creature that is verging on the obese, horrifyingly unattractive, generally unliked and mistrusted. Overuse of drugs can temporarily hold off this situation, but risks cyclical committal to a mental institution for rehabilitation. This, however, will not concern the radium at all, providing him with another story that he can convince himself is something to be proudly recounted to others.
"time for your medication, radium"
by fuck you very much August 17, 2003
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