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Slang term for the city of Adelaide Australia, used only when one is a fan of the city.
"Radelaide is the best city in Australia!"
by cousinjimmy December 17, 2004
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2 is a website run by Adelaide University students designed to be a guide to the city of Adelaide, Australia.

It shows popular places to eat drink and socialise within Adelaide city.
I went to to get awesome news about the Rad-est city in Australia
by Jackson12358 April 27, 2009
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The ship name for Reign co-stars and best friends Rachel Skarsten and Adelaide Kane.
Radelaide is my OTP!!
by Radelaidestan June 15, 2018
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A term used by some residents of Adelaide, to describe how Adelaide is radd. However this is not true, Adealaide is one of the gayest cities in Australia.
lucky non-resident of Adelaide: what city you from?
scummy resident of Adelaide: RADelaide
lucky non-resident of Adelaide: thats gotta suck!
by b j k July 27, 2007
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Home Of the turd burglars
Hey, Isnt TB that crew from RADelaide???
by *frenzal* March 30, 2005
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