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she is pretty but petty . lets herself get used up by different guys that only want her for one thing . shes the slut of the school and the outcast of her nieghborhood. she wears cute clothes and she is a good friend ! she loves her family and likes tight nit relationships !
that girl raveen is cute but i heard she was a hoe ! other girl : but iheard she s a good friend. we should qo talk to her !
by sleepinq beauty. August 19, 2010
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A SEX GODDESS. Best head game you'll find. Her sexiness leaves guys begging for more . Entrances any guy she meets g.
Yooo that gurl raveen, she look like she got strong head game g
damn, i wish i had raveen to keep
by loveeeee_xx September 14, 2017
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One sexy ass girl, yusuf must feel lucky to have a gal like her in his grasp.

Combination of mesmerising eyes and silky hair.
Known to show off her watch in front of others and thinks she’s good at fortnite
Her and yusuf must be having good fun whilst asleep in bed. She’s got the perfect wall socket for yusuf to fit his charger.
That raveen girl is one rare girl of a kind
Yusuf must have put some sort of effort to get her attention
by Bradford boys May 25, 2019
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