One, usually a male, who has become overly
muscular and aggressive or belligerent
through use of steroids.
The ROIDED OUT bennies in their muscle
tees and bling converged on the Jersey
shore every weekend just dying for some
by T James June 23, 2005
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The act of taking anabolic steroids for performance enhancement. Usually abused by meatheads and BDAs alike. Side effects include back zits, temper tantrums and shrinkage.
That BDA is definately roiding out. Did you see the size of his arms?
by geniusH August 6, 2006
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taking large quantities of steroids or any other muscle enhancements that majorly increases your size
roid-ing out :stop roiding out it makes your dick small
by Triviking101 November 12, 2015
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