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Really Laughing Out Loud.
A term used in online communication methods to emphasize that they are truly laughing out loud.
Bob54 says: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Bob54 says: To get to the other side!
Asym3 says: RLOL!
by Wincrest December 10, 2006
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An expression used on AIM to show that you "Really laugh out loud". Most of the time when ones types lol they don't mean it which is why this was invented
"dude he sucks"
"no, really, he sucks, he's gay"
by Theaterhobo July 02, 2005
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really laugh out loud, used in place of lol to show you are really laughing, if you do not actually laugh type lih (laugh in head)

please use this instead of lol
Person A: awww, i went to go have some milk with my cookie and the milk was sour

Person B: rlol
by Luke and Cora December 28, 2007
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Retard Laughing Out Loud. Sure, everyone thinks that the rlol is for something a little bit more exciting than the normal boring LOL, but in actuality, rlol is what retards laugh at, if you wanna be more creative then use something like fmgwac or roflmdo. rlol is for retards that think they're adding some flavor to a tired acronym. retard!!!
gal: my boyfriend so likes to rape me!!!

retard: RLOL!!!
by muddyhalo July 21, 2011
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RL = Real Life
lol = Laugh out loud

Real Life loling aka loling in real life
"Man u crzy u mst thnk u gud r sunthn cz u bads ply som cs late foo"

"I had to read that twice before I understood it -_-"

"Mission accomplished then"

by HoyHoy February 15, 2010
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