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Acronym for the Royal Kennebecasis Adventurers Society. The acronym is meant to be pronounced 'ruckus' which fits with the society's mantra of having adventure which provides a disturbance or commotion.
Did you hear about the latest RKAS adventure? I heard they climbed a cliff-side looking for pirate gold.
by Capt. William Pitt August 08, 2006
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A school where there is a dean who likes to sell cookies to kids, check girls out, stand on a table, spit on a microphone all day and he likes the assistant dean.
Girl: Why does the dean of my school always look at my ass and offer me cookies?
Dude: Maybe that school is an RKA.
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by Gentian May 21, 2018
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RKA is a someone's asshole and it stands for the Retarded King’s Asshole
Dude: Um I think your ass is retarded

RKA: Get the fuck out of here or I will call Reingold
Dude 2: Nice ass
RKA:Thanks for the compliment
by Gentian May 20, 2018
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