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An implantable microchip that was originally invented to identify and track animals such as pets, as well as wildlife being tracked by crafty scientists and environmentalists, it is now available for implantation for people on request, mainly by syringe injection,often as a Vaccination-like procedure and has been around for such a purpose since 2001.

The RFID chip is now considered a threat to Human Privacy,and has been implanted in people since the 9/11 tragedy.Human Privacy,Security, and yes even eventually Freedom and Civil Rights,will be in Jeopardy thanks to this device.Bible believing Christians have speculated that this microchip, may eventually become the dreaded Mark of the Beast, much to the denial by the vast majority of the world's population, who will be delighted to receive such an implant.
According to many Christians, anybody who accepts the implant of a RFID microchip,if it in fact does become the Prophesied "Mark of the Beast" will be condemned and be forced to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, with unimaginable torments forever, and it will be their own fault.

Christian:"Do NOT Allow Your doctor to inject you with a "Vaccine" that looks inherently suspicious, It might be an RFID Chip, Now I believe that it is the Mark of The Son Of Perdition".

Random Person who isn't even a Christian: I don't believe in the Bible or in God, I want to receieve the RFID Chip, I heard it's really cool.

Christian:You'll burn forever in the Lake of Fire if you get it.

Random Person:Go shit yourself, ya damn Bible Thumper.
by Phaenixdrools April 14, 2008
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