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It is were someone who knows nothing about a subject and just copies and pastes the first argument they see that agrees with them when they go on google. Regardless of the source not having any reputation at all like

Though these people normally have no idea what they are talking about nor have they researched the subject at all they will turn blue in the face defending it cause a youtube video said so.

These people generally believe themselves to be of a higher intellect, but come off as stoners who have not been sober for over 24 hours in years.

They will offended attack people on a personal level once their nonsense runs out, and say things like, "EDUCATE YOURSELF," or, "WAKE UP," in an attempt to make the opposite party feel stupid. They also repeat the same non facts again and again and claim they are facts regardless of evidence to the contrary.
"Oh my goodness Jack yes it does!! Just look it up. It even says in HR 3200 "a class II device that is implantable". Implantable RFID chips are a Class II device. An Implantable RFID chip is classified as a class II device by the FDA. You can look it up!! ObamaCare Facts, "There is no mention of a mandatory RFID implant in the Affordable Care Act, but there was in an early version of the law HR3200". HR 3200 included a section that allowed for data to be collected from all class II devices (which includes RFID chips). I'm repeating a simple fact over and over. Just go to and educate yourself." Jess says.

"Wow Krissy you got a serious Copy and Paste Complex!" Jack laughs.
by Yolo_McSwaggin August 14, 2014
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