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1. Ads delivered to consumers in the air via radio waves, RFID, wi-fi signals, etc.

2. Ads displayed in the air via hologram display.

3. Ads displayed on aircraft such as blimps or planes.

4. Ads displayed in subways seen through the window appearing to hang in the air.
1. Ads are becoming more pervasive in today's world. People will begin to see ads in places they didn't used to. The movie 'Minority Report' provides a vision what future airvertising may be like.

2. Ads are currently being delivered to our mobile devices via the internet and wi-fi connections. We will soon see tailored airvertising delivered to us with the use of RFID devices.

3. Ads are already being displayed on hot air ballons, blimps, and planes. In the not too distant future we may begin to see ads displayed in the sky itself.
by steve sway August 08, 2005
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