An accessory to the more commonly known "wing man," the rear gunner's job is to provide even more assistance to the lead and the wing men. The rear gunner's job is to hurl insults and other harmful comments about the physical traits or mental insecurities of anyone and everyone that tries to approach either of his buddies. The rear gunner is a necessity for serious pick up situations, a job to be entrusted to a true friend and serious shit talker.
"Yo bro isn't that Stephanie your ex girlfriend?"

"Oh shit ya, Tony will handle it, he's the rear gunner tonight."
by Matt and Tony August 6, 2007
A very brave bloke who sat for hours in the rear gun turret of a WW2 bomber having the shit shot out of him by enemy fighters. It was lonely freezingly cold job with a high mortality rate.
A WW2 bomber had several defensive gun turrets, the rear one was the most vunerable to being hit by an enemy fighter's machine guns.
by TimB June 5, 2005
A male of dubious sexuality who likes to do another bloke up the arse
Big Kris shot his load up Ingrams shitter last night, he's such a rear gunner
by simply the best May 13, 2003
he is a right rear gunner
by divham September 24, 2008
Describes a lady with large erect nipples, see also chapel hat pegs, Adidas heel studs, pigmy's cocks.
Jesus Christ have you seen her nipples, they're like rear gunners thumbs!
by cheesey February 13, 2004
A phrase used to describe a homosexual person. Rear tail refers to another mans anus, gunner refers to the other mans penis
'Yo dude, that guys a rear tail gunner'
by JNFE November 4, 2007