The term stands for Real Ass Nigga. For example, a R.A.N. is the equivalent of a best friend or someone you can trust. There may be fake hoes in your life and you may face conflicts, but when a situation comes up always know to call your R.A.N. first. R.A.N.'s aren't afraid to speak their minds. They will always have your back. Sometimes they can be too honest. But after all, they are real as fuck. R.A.N.'s will always be their for you in your darkest times; providing you with CT crunch and a gaming partner.
"bro, why you gotta play me like that. Forget the popo, I'm about to call my R.A.N. On yo ass homeboy!"
by MYMANTYRONE October 8, 2020
Guy 1-"Damn bro, you're too good at Madden '09!"

Guy 2-"Yup, I'm a R.A.N.!"
by doctorpope December 23, 2008
I aint no athlete and i aint no superstar im jus a R.A.N. take it or leave it
by T. Gram September 14, 2009
Racist Ass Nigga

The best way to call someone a heavy racist without explicitly stating it. Niggas are just outta pocket with their racism sometimes and need to be called out for it. Doesn't necessarily pertain to only black people.
Guy 1: "Are you going to Wyatt's graduation party?"

Guy 2: "Hell Nah. He a R.A.N."
by Yqms May 21, 2022