R$K Stands for "Real Street KillaZz

A gang that began in rome, Ga
They have a reputation for violence

And HEAVY drug use
R$K is a relatively new gang
With a mix of all races
Aye bruh you dont wanna mess with him he's R$K
by PANDLE HADDLE November 4, 2019
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The term A-R-K is used by people in southern Arkansas to describe where they are from. It's not said ark its said A-R-K.
I'm bout that A-R-K!
by Woo September 1, 2004
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That was a boring promo from the R(k)Obot
by Zilbotron March 18, 2008
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Chick_1: Dude, this sucks...
Dude_1: I K R
by InfoFeed June 19, 2010
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For lazy persons who couldn't write 2, 3 letters, such as:


One-letter words
Y - Why
R - Are
U - You
C - See
K - OK - Okay - Fine

Two-letter words
UR - You're - You Are
Ye - Yes, Yeah

Three-letter words
THX - Thanks

Words with(out) '
dont - Don't
cant - Can't
didnt - Didn't
couldnt - Couldn't
im - I'm
***Short and Incorrect***
Example I (short and incorrect)

User I: r u k?
User II: ye, y?
User I: i thought u r sck or somethin...
User II: na im nt thx

Example II (ALL letters are small and no ",")
User I: im ok u?
User II: ye i am
User I: k if ur nt tll me
User II: k sure
***Normal (long) and Correct***
Example I (long and correct)

User I: Are you ok?
User II: Yes, why?
User I: I thought you are sick or something...
User II: Nah, I'm not, thanks!

Example II (Letters are good and with ",")
User I: I'm ok, you?
User II: Yes, I am.
User I: Okay, if you're not, tell me.
User II: Ok, sure!

r,u,k,y,c = Are, You, Ok, Why, See
by dinomario10 July 11, 2008
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Chuck Norris RoundHouse Kick, usually to the face but can be applied to any body part. Resulting in an immediate knockout, Derives from the imfamous Chuck Norris and his ability to solve any problem with a roundhouse kick.
Hey T-Fresh dat hocake muthafucka is about to get a C N R H K to the face, real proper like.
by drake savage November 28, 2007
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Legendary siege gamer and ex call of duty player 2 time ESL player and a fucking boss at video games also known as a dj K I N G
by TyR4KT January 10, 2018
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