Street slang for when you get so sick of your real life you've decided to give up, move to mexico and do cocaine and hookers and live on a diet solely consisting of burritos
by leadering#1 August 31, 2020
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To tell someone, usualy in a joking manner that they did something wrong.
Dude 1: Ha,ha remember last night on family guy when peter farted.

Girlfriend: Oh my god that was so funny!

Dude 2: Oh yeah that was episode 84!

Dude 1: Wow, quit at life.
by WatANerd December 18, 2008
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Another way of saying "kill yourself".
Person 1: My wife just left me... and she took the kids too... what should I do?
Person 2: You should quit life. It's not worth living anyway.
Person 1: Excuse me?
Person 1: *pulls the trigger*
by rebel_shadow973 May 24, 2022
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To angrily end your life, (Don’t actually do it) or a saying when you are so upset and angry because of something. (Only for jokes)
by DJ_little_GOOSH_GOOSH August 24, 2022
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