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Fat, weird, ugly looking marshmallow-frog thing from Final Fantasy IX. Yet, Quina still amuses me and makes me have a good laugh.

Quina is a gluttonous he-she-it that carries an oversized fork around as a weapon. When her, I mean, "its" trance builds up, she uses a special ablility called "Cook" to eat her enemies fried. =P
When I first saw Quina, I thought it was a girl until I read one of the other character's gray box saying, "Please bring him/her with you on your journey".

Though, I still consider Quina as a girl. Because if it were a boy, then it'd be Quino, harhar.

Quina likes to cook KFCs = Kilika Fried Chocobos. Mmmm xD
by Cyndane January 21, 2005
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A character from the video game: Final Fantasy IX for the playstation. Has no gender, and is really fat and eats frogs.

See Final Fantasy, Moogle, and Kupo
"Quina like frogs!"
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 18, 2003
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