The act of a man writing with his penis as a quill whilst using vaginal fluids (normally during the female's menstrual cycle) as ink.
Also notable is the similar act of brown quilling with the difference of faeces being used as ink.
Who needs a word processor when they can do some quilling?
Literature coursework finished; Thank you quilling!
by anonymous nova February 20, 2011
Quilling is a boring art and waste of time
Quilling is bad
by Wasd AMD April 1, 2019
(To quil)

The act of drinking NyQuil brand medicine in an attempt to cure a cough, and/or other flu-like symptoms, and proceed to trip some form of balls or be out of your ass loopy.
"Ever since I've had this cough, I've just been quilling time"
by AlTheWizard June 21, 2014
New word for cool, fly, awesome, etc.
You wish you could be as quill as me.
by Dank Spit-Fire April 12, 2009
A quill is a writing utensil from the 17th century.
Thomas Jefferson wrote the DOI with a feather quill.
by jj 32 July 10, 2006
A short fine ass african American boy, not ashamed of where he came from . Loves to hustle and get his own shit. Quill is a person that doesn't depend on nobody. When it comes to his girl he will not play around , so you better be a loyal down to ride female
" Yo did you see that young nigga Quill"
" Yeah bro , they sleepin on em"

"They need to wake up fym"
by Eaz6fytb March 13, 2017
A very attractive and smart young woman, who cares deeply for the well being of all friends. Despite her unquestionable excellence and innate athleticism she remains humble and true to her beliefs. Insanely creative as an artist and musician. Her sole shortcoming is the fact that she takes unnecessarily long showers.
#quill #cutie #prettygirl #babe #musician #talent #artist #respect
by daveyelsaucers March 12, 2019