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Quickfire Kush: the most intense ganja sesh going.

Quickfire Kush takes all the weed from your everyday sesh, and fits it into a small blaze.
Not only does this allow you to get high quickly before approaching important activities, but can also turn you into an extra chonged baked potato.

Extra useful when trying to blaze in time for 4:20

The after effects of some Quickfire Kush leave you in the perfect state to tackle any kind of event, e.g. :

Long Distance Treks

Trips to Tesco for munchies

Vegging on the sofa to some movies
"Fuck, Tescos closes in 15 minutes. Fancy a round of Quickfire Kush?"

"I can't be fucked to tidy the house shag, Quickfire Kush and get it done?"

"I'll be down in 5, just having a Quickfire Kush."
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by Kush Daddy J-Dog September 20, 2016
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