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A fart that leaves a serious question to oneself and others if a diarrhea squirt or follow-through (shart) has occurred.

A questionable fart will have juicy, wet, rip that sounds like a can of dog food being emptied, and will smell like old hot dogs and rotten eggs. There may or may not be shart behind the fart.

The other main characteristic of a questionable fart is the smell will just keep lingering and won't go away.
1) Kevin was hanging out with his buds playing poker. He laid down a questionable fart after lifting his ass checks and pushing too hard.

He was scared to get up and check his drawers but his friends made him. As he stood up, he felt the warm flow and it was confirmed - he sharted.

Too many Miller lites, greasy pork rinds, and IHOP that morning.

2) Julie was chillin' and ripped a diarrhea fart that was questionable, but she stuck her fingers in her drawers, came out with nothing, then took a long sniff.
by jrubadub August 02, 2010
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