A technical slang term for a fat woman.
(entering Fernando's room)

Jorge: So essay, what have you been up... *notices his friend Fernando's bed smashed in half due to some intense weight* ...holy shit man! What, did you have some sort of intimate sexual encounter with Queen Kong, or something?
Fernando: Naw man, but yes, my girlfriend Fatima(Get it? FAT-ima!) was here yesterday and she was letting me stick it to her. The combined weight of both of us was about 600 pounds and it was, well, too much for the bed to handle.
Jorge: (suddenly has a rather nauseating mental image of Fernando having sex with a morbidly obese porker who looks like a cross between Rosie O'Donnell and Jabba the Hutt)
Fernando: Um, dude what's wrong, you look a little pale.
Jorge: Um yeah guey, I uh... that menudo that I ate this morning uh... really had a bad effect on my system. Can I use your bathroom?
Fernando: Sure, dude.
Jorge: (goes to the bathroom and then loses his lunch in the toilet)

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by Mark H December 20, 2004
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