Also: COVID-15

The 15 pounds you will inevitably gain as a result of being inside your house for months on end, with minimal opportunity for exercise, and food being the only cure for your chronic boredom.
“Wow, Corey sure did gain a lot of weight recently. I guess no one is immune to the Quarantine 15.”
by amevgeiger April 28, 2020
as a result of being in quarantine, you don't get any exercise and gain 15 kilograms/pounds. you can use any number from 13-119, but generally its 15. the name comes from the term "freshman 15", when freshmen don't have anyone to cook for them and they eat nothing but mcdonalds and starbucks muffins.
"Man, Dave came down with a case of quarantine 15."
"Yeah, I've done nothing but gaming and watch tv, I have the quarantine 30
by armageddon ham March 25, 2020