The 15 lbs of weight gain caused by nervously binge eating your COVID-19 food stockpile.
Oh man, I shouldn’t have eaten the Costco box of ramen, I’m one step closer to hitting my COVID-15
by One of Many March 14, 2020
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Much like the Freshman 15 when a student starts college he gains 15 pounds, the Covid 15 is when people start to gain weight due to inactivity during the Coronavirus pandemic.
The gym has been closed for so long I think I gained the Covid 15.
by newyy1 June 8, 2020
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All the prisoners would be fine with it to get it. But when its 19, it's not small anymore. So they wouldn't want it.
"Yo, watch out for Covid-15, you might want to get it"
by Luigigamer940 May 22, 2020
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