Apparience: White skin, down-wards pointy nose, bald and dark brown eyes.
Powers: Green magic. His speciality, his Green magic skull.
Stance for: Evil.
Doings: Sorcerer and warrior.
Theme Song: "Immortal" by Adema.

A powerful sorcerer who -with the asistance of his former boss and ruler of Netherrealm, Shinnok- defeated Satan and lead his lord, Shinnok, to victory over the Devil.

Quan Chi outsmarted Netherreal lord Shinnok by giving him a fake powerful amulet. Wisely, Quan Chi remain with the real amulet and at the right time destroyed Shinnok.

After betraying his "boss", Quan Chi reveled to Scorpion -A evil warrior spectre- that it was indeed him -and not his long time rival Sub-Zero- the one who slay his family.
The mighty sorcerer atempt to send the spectre to Netherrealm, but just before Scorpion was transported there, he grabed Quan Chi and soon both were transported to the demonic realm.

In Netherrealm, Quan Chi was able to scape Scorpion's rage and make a pact with two Onis -Moloch and Drahmin- to serve the sorcerer as bodyguards to protect him from the ruthless Scorpion.

After escaping Netherrealm -with an acient portal activated by Quan Chi's amulet- with the asistance of Drahmin and Moloch -Who held back Scorpion from finishing Quan Chi-, Quan Chi, unknownly, found himself in a acient tomb who holded for hundreds of years the mummify army of the former Outworld ruler, Onaga. Better known as the Dragon King.

After making such a discovery, Quan Chi found later a dead-to-be sorcerer, Shang Tsung.
Quan Chi give Shang Tsung enough power to stand and then walked away from Tsung.

In Outworld, Quan Chi regrouped with the two onis after they escaped Scorpion's sight back at Netherrealm. Shang Tsung apeared at the sceen to make the sorcerer who help him and offer he could not refeuse.
Shang Tsung offered Quan Chi an alliance to put Earth real, Outworld and all the other realm to their knees.

Quan Chi loved the idea knowing that with Shang Tsung's power he could revive the mummified army of the Dragon King.

The Deadly Alliance was born.

The almighty Deadly Alliance was able to finish the only two being who could stop them...Shao Khan and Liu Kang.
The first to taste the Deadly Alliance's rath was the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Khan. Then was the Mortal Kombat champion, Liu Kang.
Quan Chi and Shang Tsung kill both of them.

Then, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung's alliance became a threat to all realms.

All of Earth Realm's warriors die in their attempt to stop the evil alliance.
Raiden was in the need to go against the Elder God's wishes -of not interfier in the tournament- and alone challenge his two nemesis, the two sorcerers, the Deadly Alliance.
Even though, Raiden pull up a great fight, it wasn't enough against the two sorcerers' might and the Thunder God was soon defeated.

The Deadly Alliance was unstopable. Only one thing was able to tear apart the alliance and that was...the two sorcerers themselfs. When the two sorcerers begain to think the worst of eachother, they challenge oneanother...the successful Deadly Alliance was history.

Quan Chi win the fight against his former partner Shang Tsung.
The Dragon King returned to Outworld in search of Quan Chi's amulet. Quan Chi alied once more with Shang Tsung and to the surprise of all, Raiden join them to take on the former Outworld Emperor Onaga.
The three alies did their best. The only thing was that their best wasn't enough. Raiden made a suicide attack on the Dragon King. Raiden's attack destroyed all that was in its way, including the two sorcerers and obviusly excluding Onaga.
Since then, the fact of Quan Chi being alive or dead is unknown.

PS: Quan Chi has been able to manipulate great warriors like Scorpion and Sub-Zero, great evil like Shinnok, Moloch, Drahmin and Shang Tsung, and even the good of goods, the God of Thunder Raiden.
Quan Chi as headline two MK games in MK4 along with Shinnok and MK:DA along with Shang Tsung.
Quan Chi is a great character in the Mortal Kombat Universe.
1. "The Sorcerer Quan Chi is manipulative".
2. "Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, the Deadly Alliance".
by Luis Antonio May 4, 2005
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Right before you (the male) finish, you get up and perform the Quan Chi fatality move from Mortal Kombat with your penis acting place of the sword.
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