Someone who eats a lot.
A greedy person.

Someone who over indulges in consumptions of food
You big qually, you're always eating!
I dont know why you're still hungry equally we just ate!
by DaniielleMoniique January 22, 2015
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Any sort of Hand Gun (Bangers,Rachets,Hammers, ext).
.Imma let the "Qually Bark" spray.
.glocks, 45's, 22's, 40'cals, rugger, any thing used to pop a nigga!
by Davey Bizzl October 2, 2007
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1.the dudes with the squirls who bake all night and love playing guitar hero.
we are like qually and beree,amazing!
by maryell93 November 3, 2008
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Short for qualification, Quallie is commonly used when you qualify in stumble guys.
Example 1: I just got that first quallie.

Example 2: Damn I don't think imma get that quallie bro.
by October 27, 2022
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