(1) The modern Republican Party; (2) a current member of the GOP, simmering in the foul stank of conspiracy theories, such as Stop the Steal, Parkland Shooting Denial, or other brainless nonsense from QAnon.
Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA) spinelessly refused to take action against the vile Parkland shooting denier, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Qpublican from Georgia.
by GB Snoopy February 4, 2021
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former "Grand Old Party" people who transformed into violent seditious conspiracy nutbags
In a closed-door caucus meeting Qpublicans gave Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation because lunatic-fictional QAnon conspiracies about eating babies and Jewish space lasers are absolutely fine with assholes formerly known as republicans.
by Uncle Joosie February 4, 2021
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