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Pronounced Kal-Bee.

A chill phrase to describe anything chill, or whatever. The trick is that qalbi isn't an adjective.
Oh snap that chill ass bro with flowing frat lettuce is doing a gargoyle in the middle of the party! Qalbiiiiii!!
by Mari-Bro Bro-pez September 01, 2010
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A loving person who also can be mean. Qalbi likes to hit people. She is a very smart and funny person. Qalbi is short and is sometimes called midget. Qalbi is a beautiful young lady who gets along with everyone. She has no space in her life for relationships. Qalbi meaning of the heart is a God fearing young lady and if you respect to her she will respect you.
The party was no fun without Qalbi.
Qalbi's best friend love her with all her heart.
by Allthenameswereused March 14, 2017
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