The killer in five nights at Freddy's who kills children and puts them in animatronic suites he also made the animatronics. he is the purple character in the fnaf mini-games.
Man1: do you know what happened to those 5 kids
Man2: yes purple guy killed them. he put them in animatronic suits to hide the bodies.
Man1: bro are they going to arrest him.
Man2: no they cant
by FNAF GIRL March 1, 2018
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An asshole who murdered 5 children probably for no reason, or for his own liking
He's the purple guy
by Pinkiepieswag7 June 21, 2015
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1: The Killer from Five Nights at Freddy's.
He killed kids. I suppose it's better than what a Catholic priest would do...
2: Someone who loves Grape Kool-aid.
3: Any friend who shows murderous thoughts/tendencies.
Guy: Dude, what happened to those five kids?
Dan: I think they got Purple Guy'd
by Captain Titfucker 420 December 22, 2015
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1.A misunderstood poor soul who deserves another chance.

2.A friend who is creepy and shows signs of being purple guy
Purple guy is from fnaf
That person really seems like Purple guy
by Fuzzalishiess October 18, 2018
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purple guy is such a sigma male. he rids the world of all the beta children and uses their soul remnants to make better animatronics. purple guy has a sigma male trillionaire grindset. i wish i could be like purple guy one day.
by p.p. erect January 22, 2022
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