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Also known as the PFS the Purple Freckle Squad is a group of people known for being the odd group who are socially awkward when not around the other members. They may not be the most popular group of people but they are accepting of others and many people seek them out for their trust and loyalty. Members of the PFS make great friends who have creative and unique ideas. Many members are more academically inclined or have a large love of books although many members also participate in sports it is not the main focus of the group. They have a special mascot that is a rainbow unicorn named Bobbie. The mascot was not chosen as a gay pride mascot although they accept everyone into their group. This mascot was chosen to show the unique personalities and whimsical thinking of the members. Although the Purple Freckle squad has many theme songs most of the main theme songs consist of songs from the Hamilton soundtrack. Members of the PFS are also known for usually being musicians and artists though it is not required. Members usually host meetings once a month with many other PFS members to discuss PFS theme days and ways to showoff some spirit, such as wearing purple shirts and coordinating matching clothing and hairstyles for everyone in the group.
P1: There is a new Purple Freckle squad theme day coming up!
P2: What are we doing for the PFS theme day?
P1: We checked with everyone in the group and they all said they had purple shirts so we are going to wear them on Monday!
P1: Cool! I can't wait to get some PFS spirit going!
by BookwormconventionPFS July 22, 2017
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