Taia Purewal also known as tomato puree is such a kinky hoe who loved piss and feet kinks and loved a good big toe
by Blythy 😜 July 7, 2021
Purewal's are one of a few elite and rare surnames in the Jatt caste. Purewals are a among the purest Jatts.

Jatt at heart.
Guy 1. Who are they?
Guy 2. They are such a badass must be a Purewal
Guy 1. I want to marry a Purewal!
by TexasJatt April 16, 2022
She gotta an amazing mouth. 👀 nice rack too. Looks white tho. 8.5/10
“Yo I had a dream I got the best head

“Must be sim purewal
by Surreymallorater September 23, 2021