1) Having no impurities.
2) To be 100% authentic.
3) To be undiluted.
lab analysis revealed the substance to be 100% pure cocaine.
by Jolly Roger March 24, 2004
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someone who have not had sex yet; a virgin
She had decided to remain pure until she found that special person in her life and got married.
by mixmaster415 June 25, 2006
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When something is sick as fuck and there's no doubt about how tight that shit is.
Karl: Dude I just found a penguin tooth

Nik: That's pure.
by killerninja April 10, 2011
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1) In alot of MMORPGS, someone who focuses all thier character's stat points on a certain skill(s) or area(s) generally to enhance thier ability to PK or PVP. (also know as mutants, like strength mutants)

2) Reffering to lots of, 100%, complete, wholesome, clean...
1) i pvp'd some d00d and got pwned, i think hes a pure cuz hes 5 lvls lower than me.

2) d00d, thats pure pwnage!!1!
by Fluffmcduff May 01, 2006
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1) Meaning that something is opposite of what you just said, said at the end of a sentence
2) can also be said to make something sarcastic
Because your not fat, PURE! - meaning they are fat
by TITFACECUNT January 14, 2010
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Lots of, very, extremely etc

Used by mancunian youths
ee-yah theres pure fanny in there
by Byram Crawford December 05, 2003
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On the streets, pure is 100% uncut methamphetamines. Normally pure will be quite a bit more expensive than normal meth if you know the right people.
Me: Hey man I got the connect on some pure.
Friend: Sweet man how much for the normal fix?
Me: It's gonna be twice that man.
Friend: Thats insane man!
Me: Well hey man you gotta pay the price if you don't want
it to be cut with baby laxatives or some crap like that.
by MatthiasXIV August 23, 2006
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