Doggo Pupper is an upstanding member of the business community. He also enjoys chasing balls and smelling butts. He has won Good Boy of the Month for the past 5 months in a row.
"Is that a shiba inu in a suit?"
"No silly that's just Doggo Pupper"
by Rushel March 2, 2016
The act of spreading peanut butter on your genitals and allowing your dog to lick it off.
Once Jill's Husband left, she used Creamy Jif and her German Shepard for Pupper-nutters
by KingofCollections October 30, 2005
a combination of fluids from having anal sex and intercourse with furries, reference to the color and texture of thick substance that forms after having both anal sex the direct penetration of the vagina after wards without washing first. taking its name from the truffles because of color of gooey thick substance created after penetrating both holes sexually and its texture of the gooey substance being something thick like that of butter .
Wesley had to was himself off due to the pupper butter..
by YaBoiiDelano October 4, 2021
The type of person to POUND the girl so hard while in doggie style so she can't walk for a week.
Watch out for The Fuck Pupper, he pounds so damn hard
by Kronnnnn June 11, 2016
A fox. 🦊
A forest pupper just ran across the road.
Dude, that's a fox.
by Daddy1143 December 14, 2018
Wow that's one sexy pupper!
It must Lola the doggo
by Tinkerbella14 June 5, 2017