A raspberry commonly given upon a person's tummy, though the definition has been extended to other body parts such as an arm or foot.
May I give you a pummy?...pmmmmff!!
by Superflyski June 25, 2011
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Young indian lad who likes to be anally pentrated by other indian boys.
Pummy gets pumped in the ass every night. Total gay bag
by Parmjot Gill April 04, 2007
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Apple pomace from the cider-wring (either from a variation on the word "pomace" or French "pomme" meaning apple), used occasionally to refer to rough scrumpy cider in the West Country of England.
"Ooh arr young 'un, get a load of that pummy down thee!"

"Give us zome of thac pummy fer quaffin'!"
by thegreatterror919 November 21, 2012
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