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Making random and slightly inappropriate comments, singing the wrong lyrics to a song or even trivial comments that are not related to the current discussion around ones friends
Person 1: "Hey how did you do in your test?"
Person 2: "Yeah not too bad, you?"
Person 1: "Better than I expected"
Person 3: "Ha ha! You have such a weak bladder! Remember when you had to go to the bathroom so much that day?"
Person 2: "Stop Pulling An Anna!"
by MCRvamps July 15, 2010
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Anna's are very emotional people. So emotional that they go through the five stages quicker than anyone else. This is called 'pulling an anna'. The five stages go in order as anger, frustration, denial, fear, acceptance.
Joe: I am out of poppy seed bagels!!!! >0

Jim: Anger.

Joe: What if I never have one again?

Jim: Fear

Joe: If y'all wanna believe I'm addicted, fine. I just really love bagels is all.

Jim: I think it over. You have accepted it.

Bob: Wow, you were pulling an Anna.
by Cheniere August 05, 2011
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Leading a female on with no intentions of sexual intercourse.

When you act like you’re about it, but you aren’t actually about it.
After caressing your left butt cheek with sparkling desire in her eyes, Anna then avoided sexual pleasures by “Pulling an Anna.”

“Pulling an Anna” may result in blue vagina
by HeathenNation November 27, 2017
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