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Definition #1
Doing something to embarrass yourself infront of the person you like.

Definition #2
Asking to many questions until you piss the person off.
Example of Definition #1
"(thinking) dam i just burned my tounge while drinking soup... whatever I'll just air it off..."
*sticks out toung*
*opens door*
*slips the tounge back in mouth without looking*
*see's the girl that I like*
"(thinking) OH CRAP I JUST FLICKED MY TOUNGE AT THE GIRL I LIKE!... Dam now thats what I call pulling a Wang"

Example of Definition #2
Q: "so... whats your favorite color?"
A: blue
Q: "what do you like better freezing cold or burning hot?"
A: Freezing Cold
Q: "what time is it?
A: I donno
Q: "what day is it today?"
Qestion person: Dam I can't help pulling a wang
by Big Wangster February 20, 2007
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