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A film industry abbreviation aptly named after the McGuyver of Digital Matte Painters, Marco Nero. The artist is known to have created usable scenes and fake backgrounds for film (eg. Croc Hunter Movie) and television (eg. Farscape) using such unusual subject matter as "calamari lunch leftovers" and "smashed crab guts" and yet delivering the completed work in insanely short periods of time. To "Pull a Nero" is to successfully deliver a quality job with an impossible deadline using whatever material is at hand, no matter how unusual, obscure or inappropriate the source reference is.

"Pulling a Nero" may also involve small periods of idle procrastination prior to a speedy delivery ahead of a client's deadline.
eg. Joey managed to meet the tight deadline by working back an extra hour and Pulling A Nero.
by Maya Lightwave October 11, 2005
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