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When you drink a glass of prune juice and you have a bowel movement that seeps out slowly and you just can't get it to stop. A true BP is when the state of your gastrointestial system is (B)eyond (P)epto. The stool is generally dark in color and is reminiscent of the crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Depending on one's hygeine, dead crabs may end up in the toilet as well.
Chris: Yo, why'd you give me those prunes?

Mike: They are good for you bro!

Chris: My rectum is pullin' a BP right now!
by Hadito Rodrigo Consuelo July 05, 2010
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The act of stalling time unnecessarily as seen by BP during the gulf oil disaster of 2010 when they would take 3 weeks to screw on a cap all the while, they could of done it the same day if they wanted to.
Josh - "Damn bro, when am I going to get laid by my girlfriend for the first time? We've been going out for 5 months and no action yet"

Greg - "Maybe if you stop Pullin' a BP and make the first move, you'll get some"
by S00nerfan July 15, 2010
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