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1. Someone who constantly invites themself somewhere with you.
2. Someone who pays pretty much the minimum for weed and mooches everything.
3. A person who owns a BMW Beamer, probably red.
Just got off the phone with (Insert name here), he is totally pullin' a jason. He'll be here in 10 minutes in the Beamer.
by Leminy Snicket August 29, 2010
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when a friend blows you off to do something. but he doesnt have a straight answer on where he is going. Most likely hangin out with a girl named Katie
Todd: Jason do you want to go to waffle house?
Jason: Nah i dont think so .
Todd: What are you doing?
Jason: Inno i might go do somethan but im not sure. I might go hang out.
(Jason walks off)
Todd: I wonder what he is doing?
Logan: Hes pullin a jason!
by Yakka August 24, 2007
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