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verb. past tense.

1. Subjecting oneself to, or engaging in an act which will end in certain injury. Intentional and/or unintentional self-infliction brought about through intoxication and/or lack of foresight.
2. A tragicomic act initially intended to bolster one's ego.
3. Any tragicomic event carried out by a drunkard.
Fav: Jimmy's in the hospital.
Ant: What happened?
Fav: Went into town last night, got drunk, tried to ride his board down Inn Street... got racked up in the fountains.
Ant: Pulled a PJ?
Fav: Exactly.
by Antenna Wilde February 14, 2008
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When an extremely intoxicated male wakes up in unfamiliar surrounding and has to urinate badly but has no knowledge of where the bathroom is. He then proceeds to relieve himself on anything resembling a toilet.
Fav: Dude, I fucking pulled a PJ last nite.
Dolan: Where?
Fav: Baker's hamper.
Dolan: She hacked off?
Fav: No doubt. I got some splainin' to do.
by Fav February 13, 2008
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