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To get clobbered by a car which you do not see as you run across the street.
guy one:Dude watch where your going, you almost pulled a nelson
guy two: Oh shit son I did almost pull a nelson
by Chris Sivertson February 10, 2008
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The act of being hit by a motor vehicle, or other moving objects.
Person one: "Did you see that guy, he almost hit me."
Person two: "Yeah, it's a good thing you didn't Pull a Nelson."
by James Kroger February 03, 2008
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Rather look across the street before running across just simply run across and hope for the best. Which will never end in the safety of the other side of the road, you will always be hit by the car and break your jaw and many other bones
One man's thought:Hmm instead of looking before crossing this street I'm just going to cross.
*Man 1 is hit by a car*
Man 2:Dude, you just pulled a nelson. Good job dumbass.
*Man 2 turns to the Camera*
Man 2:Now kids be careful when crossing the street. You wouldnt want to pull a nelson.
by Lulzey McLulzster December 17, 2008
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