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To cheat on your supermodel wife with an ugly skank. Then have it come back to ruin your entire life.
Joe:haha he was so rich why did he do that?
Timmy: I have no idea, he really pulled a tiger on that one!
Joe: haha yea! none of his friends even talk to him anymore!
Timmy: yes he really did pull a tiger
by jonathan123432345435 December 06, 2009
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1. The ability to be 7331
2. The ability to pwn nubs
3 the ability to flame bitches
guy 1: sup
guy 2: gayhyy
there for he did pull a tiger
by sup bithcasZ May 24, 2008
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when everything is going for you, and your basically invincible, then something happens and your entire world goes to hell.
Person 1: Man, what happened to Toyota?

Person 2: I dont think anyone saw that they were gonna pull a tiger
by mattattack0000 February 11, 2010
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