1) Casually slip out of social engagements, in such a way that one's host does not even notice.

2) Casually loiter near the head of the buffet line, waiting for the signal for guests to begin serving themselves, in order to be able to be the first to eat (derived from (1): the better to be able to slip away quickly.)
I don't want to visit my parent's friend's anniversary party. Want to pull a George Washington?
by G Walker February 4, 2010
V/ To work from home... Named after the fact that George Washington was the only president to never ACTUALLY live in the white house. Instead, he governed from Mount Vernon!
Once, I forgot to hand in my work for French... Good job the lesson was on Thursday, and my then-teacher of French liked pulling a George Washington on Fridays.
by Itz Rob November 27, 2016