Puffy like an afro; when a girl has a forest-like bottom that puffs up the bikinis, panties, or even thongs
- That afro is puffed up!
- My bottom is too puffed up, gotta get it trim soon.
- Damn, she needs to get it done! That's way too puffed up!
by Pufff Daddy July 8, 2011
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Korean girls never shaved, not even for bikini.
look at their area, and their bikini is PUFFED UPP like an afro covered by a du-ragg
Damn that FOB chick's bottom is puffed up!
by Puff Daddy Korea June 7, 2011
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when your dick swells increasingly large after excessive durations of sex, and or masterbations.
you are home alone on a saturday night, and jerking off to porn with 22 browsers open, and 7 hours later, you look at your dick, and AWESOME!! its "all puffed up", and fat like nigga cock.
by MasterBlaster66 January 15, 2010
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One who thinks that he can put the whoop shit on someone who he cannot. See also whoop shit.
On my worst day I can beat the stuffin' out of you, you puffed up crow's cock.
by TT October 15, 2003
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the mix of words link neal couldn’t guess in ‘Playing Mad Gab Game’ on good mythical more

It means “Its not my cup of tea

Literally everyone else: *laughing*
by sage g. January 17, 2021
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