Charles Lincoln Neal 3rd, or more commonly known as Link Neal, is part of the comedy duo Rhett and Link together with his life-long best friend Rhett McLaughlin. Their company is called Mythical Entertainment.
Link was born on June 1, 1978, in North Carolina. He is most famous for hosting his and Rhett's YouTube variety show, "Good Mythical Morning", which boasts over 12 million subscribers (February, 2017), and more recently, from their YouTube Red series "Buddy System".
Tommy: Hey, who is that glassessed dude sitting beside Rhett?
Gina: That's Link Neal, they're besties.
by SaraTheMythicalBeast April 6, 2017
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Link Neal (or daddy garlic fingers) is the other half of the YouTube account “Good Mythical Morning” hes sometimes described as “feminine” and really struggles to eat things occasionally (aka balls). If you’ve seen the show you know he likes to talk. A lot. Mr. Neal has quite the sense of humor though “he’s never been to a club before.”
Person 1: “hey did you watch Charles (Link) Neal try to eat balls dipped in chocolate yesterday?”
Person 2: “uhm excuse me?”
by jules18 May 13, 2019
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