These are beliefs that should be abandoned and ignored for they are the most dangerous things when in the hands of the media. All public people are required to have them because it is public opinion that opinions are like assholes because everyone has them. This is not true for the private. Private people have truth, not opinions. Public opinion will override and destroy your private truth at every opportunity. Opinions can become policy and eliminate the right or privilege to speak the private truth. The publicly spouted opinions are why cancel culture started. Let us listen to some private truth for a while. Let us agree on a peaceful 1000 years.
The elected Public should keep their Public Opinions to themselves for when the words of your mouth cause others to act violently your game of life is best played silently.
by Spiritual-Master January 27, 2022
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The truth that is accepted by the general public as factual enough to attempt forcing it on the private population by way of calling it public policy.

This can also become company policy should a corporation decide to adopt it.

forcing the adoption of this also could be attempted by mandated administrative orders.

The generalized truth with no basis in fact.
A widely accepted theory
It has become popular public opinion that extreme measures be taken to ensure happiness and contentment be eliminated because the progressive view is that progress cannot be made by a happy and contented private populous. No laughing and joking allowed.
by Spiritual-Master February 3, 2022
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