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Psycology in simple words is bascially being able to study people or read people and it's learned through books or through experiences and sometimes your upbringing. But psycology isn't always effective. I have a case manager who is a therapist and I feel like I'm talking to a self help book and at times i feel mind fucked when I finish talking to him but then again it's his job to be this way because he is trained. We all use psycology whether we realize it or not but some use it to do evil and some use it to do good. Let me put it this way JUST DON'T PLAY GOD because you will get fucked in the end. You could con people and get away with it for years but don't get mad when youu 60 yrs old and homeless with a wetbrain because of your costly lifestyle
Maurice bought James some food because he seen him eating from the garbage can, he used psycology in figuring this out
by vhu89 August 30, 2012
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