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a). Sanskrit word for the "Earth". has a brother named Akash i.e. "Sky". Synonymous for passion (Love, work, sex) The cutest Indian footballer alive whos gonna be a baller pretty soon. Can make you laugh without saying a word and has a smile that can drive you nuts. Sensitive, loving, caring and travels 6000 miles to meet the love of his life but can get wilder than Hulk when provoked. Tends to be a bad-ass whisking his girlfriend away to Vegas before her finals but gives her a ring on top of the Eiffel tower.

b). Can be a Prude ( Whee )
P.S- If you ever find this rare treasure, keep him safe and ward him away from all other lusting eyes.
Daayum, He's such a Prudhvi !!
by WAG-to-be April 03, 2011
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