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The term Propster refers to the place & method of searching for property. A Propster would also refer to one who is involved in or specializes in any aspect of property from buying, selling, letting, auctioning, developing and any other form of dealing with property.
I was trying to find a home to purchase and decided to Propster it online. I needed professional advice on selling my home and decided to call a Propster in my area.

by Oxfordonian March 01, 2009
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A person who creates their own character and style, while still maintaining the practices and looks of past and present fashionable trends. Unlike hipsters, propsters acknowledge and accept the fact that they are propsters. Also unlike hipsters, propsters are not prejudice towards people who only follow the mainstream, rather they help them realize their ignorance towards their own identity and character.
Ex. - While a hipster may refrain from listening to a certain band because of it's mainstream overpopularity, if the band has good intentions and is appealing, propsters are more than willing to support that band.
by Pappo_Bear December 15, 2014
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