Proprietary software is software that you are not free to use, copy, modify, and study as you like. It's a form of abuse of users, which sucks and makes people depressed; it gives suits power over creatives.
Skype is extremely proprietary software.
by your real name! June 30, 2009
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Software that is not free software or semi-free software (the same thing as free software except that it can only be used for non-profit things).
Windows is an example of proprietary software.
by a thing June 12, 2005
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Something said to be evil, yet nobody knows why.
Software developed by Microsoft is proprietary software, so it's evil.
by Ferreira November 23, 2008
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A person who belongs to a CORPORATION entirely due to a system of GOVERNANCE within that very corporation that has a marked commonality of stature violations where prison in this case would not be an optimal resolvement measure.

A play on PA sexually where it is an older person who belongs to that subclass

Finally, the SQUIRT ASSH0LE is not inside as it is fact .
The prioruty from the bottom to the top definition.

In fact that SQUIRT ASSH0LE , " OK has value" but due to entanglements is a PROPRIETARY ASSH0LE and without being redundant must keep transcending corporate GOVERNANCE punishments

Seriously I am sexually mature PROPRIETARY ASSH0LE who has very KINKY TENDENCUES..

ANAL ALAN used the handle on a CANADIAN GAY dating site that discerned him as a JEWISH HOMOSEXUAL COPROPHILE PEDOPHILE and as a result hence became a PROPRIETARY ASSH0LE as others on the dating site inside the governance deduced his illegal sexual activities in the past.
"Something that is not relevant or important at the time"
Why did you not tell me my breath stinks,

Because we were engaged in sexual activity and it did not seem proprietary at the time.
by shithouse Bandit January 27, 2018
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When a device uses standard or non proprietary connections, yet makes itself proprietary by only working with certain devices. A good example of this is Astro Mixamps and Astro A50 Base Stations. Sure they'll work on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but the specific Mixamp or Base Station for each platform is needed.
Astro Headsets are semi proprietary
by Jayrod64* December 1, 2019
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