Generally refers to California's Proposition 8 that was voted on in November 2008.

It banned same sex marriage in the state of California.

It passed with a 52:47 ratio, but was overturned in August 2010.
Proposition 8 was recently overturned by a judge.
by Pikamander2 August 12, 2010
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The only thing California has done right in 160 years.
maintaining a stable budget = fail
higher taxes = fail
gun control = fail
electing a capable governor = fail
proposition 8 = success
by godfearingman January 29, 2010
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stupid proposition that right-wing flaming homosexuals passed in california banning gay marriage
Bill and Ted were going to end their excellent adventure by getting married, but proposition 8 banned them from doing so
by Melicious Melinda November 7, 2008
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Gay or gay leaning (Dealing with the recent ballot initiative in California making gay marriage illegal)
"I'm sure he voted No on Proposition 8."
"I don't go that way. I voted Yes on Prop 8."
by CrazyEddie November 16, 2008
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