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Someone who is a professional "Pedo" or pedophile. Someone who enjoys the act of Propedopating often and takes it more seriously than just a hobby. Someone who is a Pedo 24/7.

A way to say someone is a pedo without them knowing.
Guy #1:"Look at that creepy old guy"
Guy #2:"Yeah he's a propedo"
by CharlesNumber7 April 01, 2009
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Leaning in favor of, or providing support to, pedosexual relationships and pedophiles.
Pro-pedo activists frequently rally to lower age-of-consent laws.
by Trickster Wolf August 14, 2016
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Someone who supports a Pedifile in any way.
That guy right there is Propedo because he is putting money on the Pedo’s books. Propedo Mother F$*ker!!!
by Wenderela June 13, 2018
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