One who is excessively Evangelical Christian, even to the point of attending a large conference where 50,000 other men praise God, and are brought to tears by the speakers who point out what bad fathers that all of these men are. While most men who attend these conferences claim to achieve a spiritual "high" and recommit their lives to Jesus, according to statistics, most of these men actually return to their hotel rooms and order pornography.
My Dad came back from a Promise Keeper conference claiming to be a different man, but within a few days he was back to his old ways of ignoring his kids and not having sex with his wife.
by Good boy April 16, 2006
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A man of the homosexual persuasion.

Origin: Homosexual males are generally more sensitive than heterosexual males. As opposed to heterosexual males, dicksmoking faggots will quite often keep their promises, thus the name Promise Keeper.
Look at those two guys over there chowing each others cable (see:chowing cable) and being sensitive, what a couple of Promise Keepers.
by Bukkake Gargler December 13, 2004
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A pan-denominational Christian men's organization, the Promise Keepers frightened liberals during the 1990's by their public commitment to being better fathers and husbands and more sincere Christians.
You're not really going to let your husband and son go to that Promise Keepers rally, are you?
by Gahmuret June 29, 2006
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