Only hits raw and knows how to pull out
Bro I’m a Professional Rawdogger! I always pull out.
by DemarcusCousinsIV January 15, 2022
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1 When you graduate college but don't use your degree so you just have sex all day 2 When the mitochondria of the photosynthesized mission completes the circuit to the chair that connects to the box of wisdom 3 u go in raw but professionally
Person 1: What do you do for a living?
Person 2: I'm a Professional Rawdogger
by bruhletmeusethename December 17, 2021
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the famous youtuber jidion has a common saying “professional rawdogger” but what does it mean? most people think it’s something dirty and inappropriate and but really it means full send, it means just do it.
greg: “bro just raw dog it be a professional rawdogger jidion”
bob: “alright here i go
by juicewrldsstomach March 10, 2022
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